SK Telecom joins forces with IT&E

HARMON, Guam — Today IT&E, the largest wireless provider in Guam and the Marianas, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SK Telecom — Korea’s largest mobile operator, with around 30 million mobile subscribers, which equates to approximately 50 percent of the total Korean market. SK Telecom has been at the forefront of the country’s telecommunications development and today Korea is known for its early adoption of leading edge technology and its world-class cellular and broadband network performance, as well as its leadership in the roll out of 5G technology.

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IT&E’s growing number of subscribers will soon be able to explore their world like never before.


SK Telecom and IT&E will work hand in hand to strengthen IT&E’s industry-leading wireless network by not only extending network coverage, but also to double broadband capacity in the next 18 months. 


Looking many years into the future, IT&E has already secured 1150MHz bandwidth in the 28GHz frequency band for 5G and aims to launch the first-ever 5G service in the region in 2019.

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Subscribers will be able to work, play, share, and browse on their devices with faster data and internet in more areas and enjoy expanded roaming services.


Furthermore, SK Telecom and IT&E have agreed to allow SK Telecom subscribers to use communications services at domestic rates while travelling to Guam, Saipan, Tinian and Rota.


IT&E’s partnership with SK Telecom will not only improve the Korean tourist experience here on Guam and the CNMI but will also have a long-term positive effect on the region’s economy by bringing a company of SK Telecom’s size and economic reach into the Marianas' regional business community.


The partnership represents an impressive opportunity for both IT&E and SK Telecom.

The members of the board and management team are elated to have SK Telecom as a partner. The company is recognized worldwide as a leader in the telecom field, and we are so proud for them to have chosen IT&E as their vehicle to expand outside Korea into the Pacific islands region. Given the accelerating trend of Korean tourists into Guam and Saipan outpacing those from all other countries, this investment bodes well for IT&E and SK Telecom’s customers to service the requirements both ways. JOSE RICARDO DELGADO, President and Chief Executive Officer, Citadel Pacific Ltd., parent company of IT&E

From a technical and operational perspective, IT&E feels very strongly about the benefits of this partnership.

SK Telecom’s technology, leadership and engineering strength coupled with IT&E’s continuing commitment to our customer and community will provide a powerful combination to deliver world class service and customer satisfaction to our local, tourist, and military customers. JAMES OEHLERKING, Chief Executive Officer, IT&E

For its part, SK Telecom looks forward to expanding its global presence and sharing its expertise.

We are very pleased to work with the Delgado family to expand IT&E. Through collaboration with IT&E, SK Telecom will contribute to the advancement of IT&E’s communications networks in Guam and the CNMI, while providing greater benefits to SK Telecom’s subscribers who visit the region.  PARK JUNG-HO, President and Chief Executive Officer, SK Telecom

The partnership represents an investment of $33 million USD by SK Telecom. With its investment in IT&E, SK Telecom has become the second largest shareholder of IT&E.


SK Telecom was established in March 1984, leading the development of the global mobile telecommunications industry by launching CDMA (2G), WCDMA (3G) and LTE-A (4G) for the first time in the world. It belongs to the SK Holdings Group, which had revenues of over $84 billion USD in 2017, and is the second largest Korean conglomerate.

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 Officials of SK Telecom, IT&E and Citadel Pacific Ltd. gather for a signing ceremony on July 26, 2018 at the IT&E Headquarters in Harmon. (From left) Brian Bamba, managing director, IP&E Holdings; Young Hwan Lee, SVP, Change Management Office of SK Telecom; Angela Rosario, Director of Marketing and Product Development, IT&E; Susana Ligeralde, chief financial officer, IT&E; Sang Soo Shim, SVP, Infrastructure Business Office of SK Telecom; Carisse Vendiola, Business Development and Analytics Head, IT&E; Jin Hyo Park, EVP, ICT R&D Center of SK Telecom; James Oehlerking, CEO, IT&E; Jose Ricardo Delgado, president & CEO, Citadel Pacific Ltd.; Ricardo C. Delgado, Chairman, Citadel Pacific Ltd.; Jung Ho Park, CEO and President, Telecom; Sung Won Suh, President, Mobile Network Operation Business Division of SK Telecom; Young Sang Ryu, EVP, Corporate Center of SK Telecom; Myung Jin Han, SVP, Global Alliance Group; Jong Ryeol Kang, EVP, ICT Infra Center of SK Telecom; and Min Yong Ha, VP, Global Business Development 1 Cell, Global Alliance Group.


About SK Telecom

Established in 1984, SK Telecom is the largest mobile operator in Korea by both revenue and number of subscribers. As of December 2017, the company holds around 50 percent of the market, with 30.2 million mobile subscribers including 22.87 million LTE subscribers. It has reached KRW 17.520 trillion in revenue in 2017. SK Telecom has led the advancement of mobile technologies ranging from 2G to 4G, and is currently setting important milestones in its journey to 5G. The company is not only leading innovation in the field of mobile network, but also providing IOT, media, home and platform services. SK Telecom is determined to play a significant role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by achieving innovations and promoting shared growth with other players in the industry.


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