Restored IT&E cell site improves mobile data experience in Dandan

IT&E is excited to announce that subscribers in the Dandan area will immediately enjoy an improved mobile data experience.

IT&E has restored its Dandan LTE/WCDMA cell site, which will provide improved coverage in Dandan, Sailing Drive, Dandan Middle School and parts of Dandan Drive.


The tower and its foundation were toppled by the extreme winds of Super Typhoon Yutu in October 2018.

“I applaud all our employees and the work they have done to restore the Dandan site and maintain coverage in the area while the site was inoperable. It has been a long journey, but the hard work of our team is a testament to the strength of the Marianas and our ability to persevere. We remain committed to our mission of providing our community with the most reliable network in the Marianas.” 

Rose Soledad, General Manager of IT&E

Restoration of the Dandan site included the relocation of the tower and a complete replacement of all hardware.


Despite the damage, mobile data coverage in the area remained consistent. Nearby cell sites were reoriented to extend mobile data coverage and capacity was expanded to support the additional loading.


The day after Super Typhoon Yutu, IT&E’s teams immediately assessed damaged, restored mobile services and attended to generators to maintain services. All throughout the typhoon, IT&E’s wireline landline telephone and internet remained operable where power was available.


IT&E continues to find ways to improve customer experience and ensure network reliability and survivability.

CAPTION: IT&E is excited to announce the complete restoration of its Dandan cell site. Subscribers in Dandan are now enjoying improved mobile services. Restoration was successful due to the hard work of the IT&E team, including (pictured from left) Manny Madreo, Tower Climber; Joe Dela Rosa, Telecommunications Engineer Assistant; and Walter Paulus, Telecommunications Engineer Assistant.

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