IT&E wins FCC licenses to expand and improve wireless services

PTI Pacifica Inc., which does business as IT&E, today announced that it has won 9 licenses from the Federal Communications Commission to operate on the 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum in Guam and the CNMI. This means that IT&E will be able to offer wireless services on this spectrum to connect more users and deliver faster speeds with lower latency.

“We’re excited to win our share of these licenses and further improve wireless services to our community. It has always been our mission to provide the best possible wireless voice and data services to the people of Guam and the CNMI. Additionally, the 2.5 GHz spectrum is currently used by some of the nation’s largest service providers to deliver 5G and we look forward to finding ways to leverage the spectrum to bring next-generation connections to our region.”

Jim Oehlerking, CEO of IT&E

Spectrum refers to the radio frequencies on which wireless signals travel so that people can communicate with their mobile phones and other devices. The licenses allow IT&E to operate on this particular radio frequency.

The FCC put the 2.5 GHz spectrum licenses up for bid in an auction on July 29 as part of the U.S. government’s efforts to expand access to citizens in rural areas and close the digital divide. IT&E was one of 63 winning bidders nationally and won the majority of spectrum available in Guam and the CNMI.

IT&E’s current wireless services include LTE, WCDMA, and HSPA+ coverage in Guam and the CNMI. Additionally, IT&E operates a wireline and fiber network in the CNMI.

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