Privacy-First Mobile Carrier Cape Partners with IT&E to Deepen Security, Privacy, and Resilience for The Navy on Guam

Privacy-first mobile carrier Cape today announced its partnership with IT&E Guam, the largest provider of mobile technology in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, to provide deeper telecom security, privacy, and resilience to U.S. government personnel in Guam. Customers in Guam will be able to leverage Cape's cloud based ultra secure network via IT&E's physical RAN, laying the groundwork for secure communications and enhanced protection of warfighters, military contractors, their families, and other citizens on Guam.

Cape is currently under contract with the U.S. Navy in Guam to pilot their secure communications capability. Cape is also examining how its technology can solve cybersecurity issues, privacy, and the resilience of communications in the greater Pacific theater at large.

“Complete mobile network resilience ensures telecom infrastructure is protected against both manmade and natural threats,” said John Doyle, Cape CEO. “To achieve this, we chose to go where the diversity and severity of threats is the greatest. We’re eager to collaborate with our pioneer telecom partner IT&E on such an important issue for our national security and look forward to helping address the problem of vulnerabilities in telco infrastructure together with Cape’s first principles approach to privacy and security and IT&E’s leading network technology.”

Cape is working to address a number of mobile network risks for the Department of the Navy, including cybersecurity threats posed by hackers and nation-state actors to resiliency threats from natural disasters. Part of this is a dedicated PACE plan, including satellite connectivity in the event of disaster. Because Guam is subject to disasters such as powerful typhoons, it is a strategic location for Cape to hone its capabilities and build the template for delivering operationally successful, resilient communications in other, similar locations.

“As the premier provider in Guam and the Marianas, we are committed to the most advanced, secure and reliable connectivity to our customers. We’re proud to partner with Cape to support initiatives that enhance our national security. Cybersecurity, data privacy, and reliability are universal concerns that IT&E has championed for decades. Our partners and carrier customers can be confident in the capabilities of our network to provide uninterrupted connections to who and what matters most,” said David Gibson, CEO of IT&E.

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Cape is a pioneering privacy-first mobile carrier built to restore individuals’ control over their mobile identity. It provides premium wireless coverage with minimal data collection and a commitment to never monetize subscriber data. Customers get best-in-class spam protection, hardened account security, stringent firewall restrictions, and blazing fast nationwide 5G and 4G coverage with the highest tower density in the country. Cape is trusted by innovators in security and technology. The company has raised $61M from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, A* Capital, ex/ante, Point72 Ventures, XYZ Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Forward Deployed VC, and Karman Ventures. Its research partners include leading institutions in cybersecurity, such as Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and others.


IT&E has been the leading provider of telecommunications service in Guam and the Marianas (CNMI) for more than 35 years. The core of the company's network and customer base is built on its extensive hardened underground terrestrial and diverse subsea fiber infrastructure. IT&E serves the commercial, enterprise, government, and carrier/wholesale markets with FTTX, dark fiber, mobility, fixed wireless, ngFWA, colocation, and diverse cloud infrastructure services. Learn more about IT&E at

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IT&E has been delivering connections that matter in Guam and the Marianas for more than 35 years. IT&E is the leading provider of mobile technology and world-class telecommunications services on the widest 4G LTE data network. Learn more about IT&E at

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